Achieving wider uptake of water-smart solutions


Innovative solutions for wastewater reuse, nutrient recycling and energy recovery in symbiosis with agricultural and manufacturing industries will be demonstrated in Ghana, Italy and Norway.

In Italy the WIDER-UPTAKE concept will be materialised by implementing two demonstration sites at full scale nearby Palermo (Sicily - IT): Marineo and Corleone wastewater treatment plants

The two WWTPs are managed by the water utility AMAP S.p.A.

Marineo WWTP

The Marineo WWTP (7,000 IE) is a conventional activated sludge plant (combined basins) followed by a surface filtration unit and UV disinfection. An irrigation network has been scheduled but not yet realized so at present the WWTP effluent is discharged in a nearby river.

WIDER-UPTAKE Project will focus to recover materials by implementing a process line for the PHA production/extraction as well as the installation of final filters filled with Biochar and zeolites for nutrients adsorption.

Corleone WWTP

The Corleone WWTP (12,000 IE) is a typical conventional activated process having two aerobic biological reactors with surface aeration followed by three final clarifiers. The WWTP also has membrane modules for final effluent filtration and a distribution network for water reuse (irrigation) by local agriculture and green urban areas (i.e. green gardens).

WIDER-UPTAKE Project will focus to water reuse in agriculture, an experimental field trial will be conducted for the assessment of field interactions among water-soil-plants.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869283